2007-05-12 / Editorials & Letters

All Cranberry Bay residents can license docks with ODNR


I regret having to write this letter but some inaccurate information about the Cranberry Bay dock licensing lawsuit needs to be corrected immediately.

According to an agreement made by Assistant Ohio Attorney General Raymond Studor on May 1 in Judge Marcelain's courtroom, anyone from the Cranberry Bay area that can provide proof of easement access to the shoreline, and were issued a dock license in 2006, will be issued a dock license directly by park management for the 2007 season. This is NOT limited to those named as Plaintiffs.

This week, the president and other board members of the Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association (CBHA, Inc.) continue to tell our residents that they must go through CBHA to get their dock permits and that their docks will be taken away from them if they don't sign their licensing contract. This simply is not true.

Unfortunately, if residents opt to have CBHA license their docks, they have to sign CBHA paperwork to do so, and in the process CBHA could claim the residents have ceded control and future assignment of those docks to CBHA as per their licensing contract.

Board members claim that only the named plaintiffs in the current court case can go directly to ODNR. This is NOT true! ODNR has drafted a letter to clarify the situation, and it has been circulated to the lawyers involved. It should be mailed to property owners yet this week. In order to issue docks permits, ODNR will require a COPY of our deed and invoice of last year's dock fees.

The case has just begun. What we have so far is a gesture from ODNR to license docks for the current season until the property dispute can be settled. The president's inability to communicate factual information has forced this public letter to the editor. No wonder some residents are having difficultyplacing their confidencewith this organization.

Some residents who already signed the licensing contract with CBHA have sent a revocation letter to the association and have requested a refund of all fees including the $75 administrative fee per dock. It's unclear as to whether CBHA will refund their money. However, the bigger question is, will CBHA maintain control of their docks?

No one has a right to charge us for accessing our boat docks except ODNR. It doesn't matter WHO owns the dirt under the easement. All Bounds Addition residents own real estate to the water's edge with our recorded grant of easement. If you have questions or want to join the Plaintiffs, call one of your Plaintiff neighbors. Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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