2007-04-28 / Editorials & Letters

Many residents can't afford more taxes


On May 8, Buckeye Lake Village residents will decide the fate of a 3-mill fiveyear levy for "general operating expenses." According to the Licking County Auditor's office, the levy will produce $134,200 which the village says will be split 60-40 between police and fire. I suppose they think if they throw the two together, the police will benefit since most folks don't want to vote against a firelevy. This is the same administration that asked us to support a 7-mill police levy a few years back!

We're already paying for a 3-mill police levy that brings in $102,600 and is good through May 2009. In addition, the police department used $138,000 from the general budget. The current 5-mill firelevy produces $150,500 and will expire in November. We will surely be asked to renew the firelevy in November so that's the time to support the firelevy.

The annual cost to the taxpayer for the proposed general operating levy will be $92 for a property valued at $100,000; $138 for a property valued at $150,000 and $184 for a property valued at $200,000. Landlords can only absorb so much of an increase in taxes before they pass those increases on to their renters So, as always, voters who rent property should consider their own budgets when voting for local levies.

With the recent $8 per month increase in sewer rate with more to come and our monthly $10 "no water bill" (assessment), any additional increase in property tax will be a big burden on those of us on fixed incomes. We don't have the option of just asking for more money.

Judie Cook Buckeye Lake

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