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More Letters: Does the police department deserve more money?


Buckeye Lake Village voters are being asked to give more money to the police department. Why should we give them more tax money? What is different? Are they effective? Do they solve local crime?

Several years ago we had a number of break-ins at local businesses around the village but we never heard about any of those cases being solved. We had a similar rash of breakins during the second half of 2006, particularly at Blue Heron Boardwalk Shopping Center. Other than one allegedly involving an employee, no one was even charged. There was even a video of one of the incidents, but nothing ever came of it. So, does our police department solve crime? I believe most crime victims know the answer.

Recently, there was a Letter to the Editor where a North Bank resident complained that the police chief violated his constitutional rights by entering his home without permission or a search warrant. So, is our police department properly trained and effective?

On April 15, one of our officers gave permission to a parent to "cover up" some graffiti at the skate park. The parent took the "go ahead" as a license to buy four cans of spray paint and supervise as fiveyoung girls spray painted all seven ramps. The skaters and bikers were outraged, a big argument ensued, a boy was hit in the neck with a spray can and 9-1-1 was called. The same officerresponded, telling the boys he had given permission so they needed to settle down.

The officerclaims he never meant for the parent to go as far as she did. Several of the girls have admitted to doing the graffiti in the first place and also explained they helped cover it up with the permission of the police officer.So, now we have police-sanctioned vandalism.

When I learned that the same officerwould be conducting the investigation, I wrote the mayor and police chief suggesting another officerbe assigned to the investigation due to the conflictof interest. The mayor and the police captain stated there was no conflictof interest. So, what's different with our police department?

Unfortunately, the mayor and the police department have demonstrated OVER and OVER that they have no conception of "conflictof interest" means.

The questions are: "What is different? Do we have an effective police department? Do we want to reward them with more of our hard earned money?"

Peggy A. Wells Buckeye Lake

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