2007-04-28 / Editorials & Letters

Village in dire need for more taxes


From the time I began on the Buckeye Lake Village Council, three years ago, my interest has centered on the village financial situation. Besides myself, the other two members of the Finance Committee, Drew Bourne and Jeryne Peterson, have financial backgrounds and we continually review all revenue and expenses in the village to ensure propriety. Reports are published monthly for the public that shows the Revenue and Expenses and Cash Flow of the village.

We are very aware that there is a dire need for additional funds to provide adequate safety services within the village. A 3 mill levy would cost a home owner approximately 25 cents a day on a $100,000 property.

We ask that you vote for this levy so that fireprotection, emergency and police services continue to be provided.

Hilde Hildebrandt Finance Chair, Buckeye Lake Village Council

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