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Firebowl 2007 is May 5


It's Firebowl time again. This will be the eighth year for the fundraiser that began in 2000 on the premise that it should be fun and give 100 percent of the monies collected. I was told it couldn't be done, but we've raised over $30,000 since then.

Firebowl runs from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday, May 5 at the Starlite Lanes outside of Baltimore. For the third year, it benefits the Thurston/Walnut Township Fire Department. Starlite owner Brad Williams is donating the use of the lanes and shoes. Eight teams volunteer to raise funds and bowl. I ask people for money. It's just that simple.

The reasons behind Firebowl aren't so simple. I respect people who use the talents they were blessed with and who do their best at their jobs. I respect the fact that we all are different. I respect those who try to make their community better. Civicminded people get things done across America every day. A community must be strong to survive.

I respect our firedepartment personnel who answer our calls for help everyday. They leave their homes and families to jump on a truck and face the unknown. Unfortunately, there are too few "thank you's," so they do their jobs and leave. I can write a lot more, but if you want to know more just ask one. You might be surprised to see tears in their eyes when they tell you some of the things they have seen or recall a successful save.

Firebowl raises money to buy equipment that isn't in the budget, but helps make our community safer. This year it will be used to buy computer programming for training and more. Extra funding may seem pointless until you need the ones who answer the call and then it's real important.

Really, I guess it's simple why we continue Firebowl - it's the right thing to do. I've been blessed by many people who have enriched my life by being themselves and giving more than taking. In return, I will do as I say and make my community strong.

Ria Fox Thurston

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