2007-04-28 / Editorials & Letters

New levy will just be used for fire, police departments


I would like to encourage all Buckeye Lake residents to vote FOR the upcoming 3 mill levy that will appear on the May ballot (issue #12) and support our police and firedepartments.

I know that we are all paying taxes and other things that severely cuts into our household budgets and those of us that are living on fixed incomes findit very hard to vote for more taxes. However, these two departments are a vital necessity concerning the life and death safety of our residents and our children. This levy will be used strictly for the police and firedepartments and will provide the necessary equipment and manpower for them to do their job in protecting everyone in the village. This will also free up much needed money from the general fund so that we may provide other services to the village. When money has to be transferred from the general fund to maintain other departments, that drastically limits our ability to provide much needed maintenance elsewhere in the village.

The present mayor, council, and staff are working very hard to serve the village but without your help in passing this levy, we are very much handicapped in what we can do and in the improvements that we can afford. Please help us to help you and vote FOR the levy.

Jim Bartoe Buckeye Lake Village Council

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