2007-04-28 / Editorials & Letters

Kirkersville officials want to set the record straight


We feel that the time is right to debunk some false information being circulated about the Village of Kirkersville government and the upcoming replacement tax levy.

1. A "replacement" levy maintains the current millage, but is based on the current valuation of a home or property. A "renewal" levy maintains the current millage but is based on the valuation of the home when the levy was originally passed.

2. The replacement levy will result in only an additional $50.22 per year on a $60,000 home.

3. The levy provides operating monies for the village}s day-to-day operations, including road repairs, signage, police etc.

4. Failure of the levy will result in reduction of services, leading to potentially dangerous situations for Kirkersville citizens.

5. The "pay raises" voted for Village Council members, under Ohio law, cannot be given to currently seated officials. They only apply to incoming elected officials.

6. Council salaries are based on one meeting per month, with no additional compensation given for special meetings, seminars, conferences, committees, public hearings or other additional duties. The current $90 per month breaks down to $3 per day!

7. The mayor, council members, village clerk, police department and other village personnel are not engaged in any nefarious schemes or illegal activities. We are interested in one thing only: what is best for the future of Kirkersville and it's citizens. Growth is coming to Kirkersville, We can either hide our head in the sand, and hope to maintain our small town feeling or control the growth, ensuring that the result is what we want.

8. The reason we have had to appoint persons to various positions is simple. Parties within the village spend so much time and energy in frivolous requests and malicious allegations against anyone brave enough to serve that they have intimidated all but a few from holding such positions for fear of baseless lawsuits, witch hunts to try and destroy personal lives and careers. (Remember, the lawsuit brought against the mayor, all male members of the Village Council, the police chief, and Village Council et al which resulted in dramatic increases in insurance costs and deductibles for YOU, the taxpayers. These same parties trumpet the fiscal irresponsibility of the current government.)

Council members will be conducting a door-to-door tour of the village prior to the election to allow citizens to ask questions regarding the levy.

Thank you from your village government.

Council members: Brian Denton, Jamie Cloud, James Kincaid, Bobbi Miller, Rosemary Frischen and Steve Piatt.

Village Clerk Johnnie Adkins Zoning Chair/Street Commissioner Mike Cloud behalf of all humanity.

"I only work one day a week"; therefore, I am available at Noon on May 3rd to gather in a public place to bow my head and pray. I will be standing in the Bicentennial Park in Thornville and I invite anyone else who might be available to join me. There will be no ranting about political correctives that might be needed nor no bashing of people who walk a path that others might call "crooked". I have my beliefs; but I will be at the Park to address one God and not an audience of many.

What about you? Could you stand, if only for one minute, at work or at a restaurant or by the side of the road? Who knows? God could possibly here our faint cry and "make straight" each of our lives.

Doug Lynn Pastor, South Shore Ministries Thornville

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