2007-04-21 / News

Lakewood hosts video game tournament to help charity

By Kim Garee

HEBRON - There are many ways to help others. A group of Lakewood teens have found a way to do just that by playing their favorite video games.

On Saturday, April 28, the high school cafeteria will boast the school's first ever Lakewood Video Game Tournament.

Event director and assistant director Brandon and Bret Moore, as well as event sound coordinator Austin Cooperrider, gave a presentation to board members last Wednesday explaining exactly how the tournament will work.

Registration forms should be completed prior to the event, the Moore brothers said, though walk-ins could be accommodated. So far, there are more than 35 students signed up to participate. Admission is $10 per player, while spectators can expect to pay $5 admission. Play begins at noon.

The tournament offers food, beverages and donated prizes to participants.

Bret Moore said the concept was born out of a desire to support a charity. "We figured if we could take something like this that's so popular and commit it to a good cause, that would be great," Moore said.

Proceeds go to Heifer International, a non-profit organization seeking to fight world hunger through self-reliance and sustainability. Through the program, donors send livestock to underprivileged countries, where the people are taught long-term use of the animals for feeding their families.

Event organizers learned about Heifer International through Lakewood's National Honor Society, which is also backing the tournament.

Gamers will compete for prizes on three popular games: Halo Two, Fight Night Round Three, and Super Smash Brothers Melee.

The students emphasized that play will be supervised by monitors, and an officerwill be on hand for added security.

Board member Joe Bowman praised the students for their commitment and for their professional presentation.

"I think this is just as clever as it can possibly be," board member Judy White said. "You never know where it might lead you."

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