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Decision leaves 'watchdog' almost speechless


Just when I thought the Kirkersville version of the "New Rome Shenanigans" couldn't get much worse, the Kirkersville GOB's (Good Ole Boys) proved me wrong! I requested a current "roster" of the Kirkersville public officials and guess who I found on the roster? Former Kirkersville Police Chief Robert Frye (who resides in the Columbus area) is now the Zoning Inspector! Can you believe this! The Kirkersville GOB's are beginning to make New Rome look like Kindergartners!

Not being a resident of Kirkersville isn't the biggest issue with Mr. Frye. He was cited by the State Auditor's officefor what is commonly known as "doubledipping" while he was police chief and a street employee in Kirkersville. He was scolded by a former village solicitor for misleading council regarding an invoice from a shooting range where he spent more than double the amount that council approved and then tried to claim that the shooting range was double-billing us.

While in Kirkersville as the police chief, he ordered EXTRA CREDIT CARDS without the consent or knowledge of council or the village clerk. He and another officerordered several hundreds of dollars worth of items at a uniform shop in the Columbus area. Council found out, a year later, that these purchases were made and the bill was outstanding. These were deemed personal purchases and the individuals had to pay for these items. Frye was the police chief when we found that NONE of the officerswere qualified to carry a gun! Is this really the type of


person you want running your lives? How can the Kirkersville GOB's justify bringing someone like this back?!

This roster shows that the "International Property Code Board" still exists. Its three members are still NOT Kirkersville residents and include Warren Weber (Bennie Evans' boss at the county), Gary Wilhelm, and Tom Stratford.

Also on the roster is Mike Cloud as the Street Commissioner and the Zoning Chairman. Apparently your tax dollars are paying for a phone line for zoning, since the roster lists Mike Cloud and Bob Frye as sharing the same phone number. In most other cases, personal phone numbers are listed for each public official.

However, this is not the case for ANY of the Cloud family. Council member Jamie Cloud, BPA member Missy Cloud and, of course Zoning Chairman/Street Commissioner Mike Cloud are all listed using phone numbers of the village that, of course, restrict their contact with citizens. Perhaps they don't want to be inconvenienced by the public!

Over the past week, I received, anonymously, a copy of a letter written to the Kirkersville GOB's by a Keller Road resident who is asking that Keller Road be repaired. I drove down this road and nearly lost my car in the pot holes! Keller Road (a thru street used by the school buses) should have been paved BEFORE Community Drive (a dead end street that some of the GOB's live on).

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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