2007-04-21 / Editorials & Letters

Council president asks voters to support more taxes


The May primaries are just around the corner and the Village officials would like let you know about our two ballot items. One is the 3 mill levy (Issue #12). All of us have enjoyed our safety services throughout the past years. The money generated, approximately $134,213, by the upcoming levy will be set aside and used specificallyfor our police and fireservices.

The Police Department will receive 60% of the money, or approximately $80,527.80. The current police levy covers less than half of the total amount of money required to fund the department.

The Fire Department will receive 40% of the money which will be used to purchase either a new firetruck or a new medic. The Fire Department is receiving a lower percentage because they will be asking voters to approve a renewal levy in the very near future.

The second ballot item is asking you to approve the changes for the Charter (Issue #11). These changes will increase the number of Planning Commission members from four to seven and the number of members on the Parks and Recreation Commission from four to five. No one will be paid for being a member on either commission. The wording provides the potential to pay should we have enough business. Fees collected as a result of resident requests of the Planning Commission would provide any payment for services. Call the Village Officeif you have questions.

Ch a r l e n e Ha y d e n , Co u n c i l President

Buckeye Lake

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