2007-04-21 / Police Report

Police activity report

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


+ Mar. 26: Police took a complaint about a lost wallet on Holder Road. It was found and returned.

+ Mar. 26: Police took a report about vandalism on West Market Street.

+ Mar. 26: Police checked out some suspicious persons at the Subway on West Market Street. They were advised.

+ Mar. 27: Police advised parties involved in a reported domestic disput on North Liberty Street.

+ Mar. 27: Police found a missing child on Tower Street.

+ Mar. 28: Police cited a driver for O.V.I. on East Market Street at Holder Road.

+ Mar. 28: Police stood by on North Basil Street.

+ Mar. 30: Police responded with a sheriff's officeunit to a reported domestic dispute on Long Street in Thurston.

+ Mar. 30: Police responded with sheriff's office units to a report of a person with a gun at the FairfieldCareer Center.

+ Mar. 30: Police assisted a motorist with a disabled vehicle on West Market Street.

+ Mar. 31: Police were called about trouble between neighbors on South Walnut Street. They were advised.

Buckeye Lake

+ April 6: A West 4th Street resident said his girlfriend's soon to be ex-husband keeps calling and harassing them.

+ April 7: Officers assisted Buckeye Lake State Park officerswith a report of a capsized boat.

activity report

+ April 7: Officersresponded to a domestic violence call at a Walnut Road residence. One of the parties involved was gone when police arrived and the other party said it was only a verbal exchange.

+ April 7: A Columbus trucker reported that someone tampered with his cargo.

+ April 10: An East Street man said he was informed by a Pennsylvania police department that one of its officersfound his Ohio dealer plate. He wasn't aware it was missing.

+ April 11: An officernoticed a dome light on in a parked vehicle. The owner was notified and discovered a wallet was stolen from the vehicle.

+ April 12: A Walnut Road man said he was taking his boxer for a walk when the dog broke its leash pursuing a cat. The boxer ran onto a busy street where a driver intentionally swerved to hit the dog. The boxer's leg was broken. The driver was identified and charged with cruelty to animals.

+ April 13: Police investigated an alarm drop at Albanese's Food Gallery. Employees confirmedit was accidental.

+ April 14: A landlord who owns a property on Renner Street asked for police back up to do an inspection of the property. The tenant was notified but hadn't been seen in weeks. The landlord found a starving but surviving dog in the house, the inside of which was in ruins. The landlord filed to evict the tenant and the dog was given to animal control.

+ April 15: A Walnut Road resident reported that someone unsuccessfully tried to break into her home.

+ April 15: An officer was dispatched to Ryan Park on a fight call, but found it was only a verbal dispute. No charges were filed.

+ April 15: A Walnut Road man reported that someone stole a lawn mower from his father-inlaw's yard.

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