2007-04-07 / Police Report

Police activity report

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

+ March 25: A Walnut Road man reported that someone threw a brick through his car's window and stole his wallet, checkbook, cash, a pocket knife, and a flashlight.

+ Ma r ch 29: A Hebron woman reported her vehicle was vandalized--its windshield was broken and a fender was dented.

+ March 29: A Crank Lake Road woman reported her vehicle was vandalized.

+ March 30: A North Bank man reported that his friend was "acting weird" and may be thinking about shooting someone. The man left the area before police arrived.

+ March 31: A Lancaster man reported the back window of his camper was shot out with a pellet gun. Later that day, a Chillicothe woman reported the same.

+ March 31: A Walnut Road woman reported receiving harassing phone calls.

+ March 31: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department with a non-breathing person. The person was revived and transported to Licking Memorial Hospital.

+ April 1: An officerresponded to a complaint of a fistfight at a Hebron Road residence. The fight was over when police arrived and neither party wanted to press charges.

+ April 1: A Buckeye Lake Truck Stop manager witnessed an employee stealing 10 pounds of frozen steaks.

+ April 2: An East Street woman said someone stole her purse from her unlocked vehicle.

+ April 3: Several people were trying use a quad runner to pull a truck from a ditch at around 2 a.m. in front of an apartment complex. A tenant asked the group to keep the noise down, but members of the group refused and became belligerent toward the tenant. Police were called and the group removed the vehicle.

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