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'Watchdog' says 'computer geek' is a 'jerk'


According to public records from the Kirkersville Police, they spend a lot of time at the Flying J on lunch and coffee breaks. For example, an officerworks about a 4-1/2 hour shift, but spend one hour of it on a lunch break at the Flying J. One officerworks a four hour shift and his log sheet accounts for just 37 minutes. Two police officersspent over 1-1/2 hours of a fivehour shift at the Flying J. In one instance, one officer's log has only four entries for the entire six hours shift - two are the town hall and the other two are the Flying J. But somehow, this officermanages to put over 60 miles on the cruiser! Obviously, he went somewhere other than the Flying J unless he circled the parking lot about 120 times! Accountability in log sheets should be crucial to any police officer.

The Feb. 7 council meeting minutes indicate that the operating levy will be on the ballot in May. Hopefully, the open wallet system in Kirkersville will be stifledand voters will, once again, JUST SAY NO and hold public officials accountable for their actions!

And now to respond to Bill Harper's letter last week. While trying to convince everyone how smart you are Mr. Harper, you apparently didn't look in the March 3 Beacon to see how Mr. Starr signed his letter. If you had, you would have seen that he signed it "Chuck Starr." To remove any doubt for you, I do not know Mr. Starr and have not ever had the pleasure of speaking to or meeting him.

We should all be proud of our education, but don't lose track of your ethics and morals along the way. Teddy Roosevelt put it bluntly, "To education a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." So Mr. Harper, rather than trying to convince us on how well educated you are, give us a logical explantion for why you support the clowns that you and the other Kirkersville GOB (Good Ole' Boys) tend to encourage such as:

1. Police officersshooting pellet guns at each other on the steps of town hall in front of children.

2. A police officer who gets caught "double dipping."

3. A police officerwho gets caught in the cemetery after dark who let's say is "out of uniform."

4. A police officerwho orders 12 extra credit cards without any approval.

5. A police officerwho writes a ticket and then accepts cash for payment.

6. A police officerwho orders and writes tickets with duplicate numbers.

7. A council member who talks council into creating a computer technician position at $30 per hour for himself. Oh wait, that was you, Bill Harper.

8. A council member who takes a paid leave of absence from an elected position to take a computer course to further his career. Oops, that was also you, Bill Harper.

Apparently, you didn't realize "computer geek" means the same as "computer guru" or "computer technician" and is not intended to be insulting. After all, it's plastered all over vehicles at Best Buy - Geek Squad. As much stuff as you buy there for Kirkersville, I thought you would have seen the name. But don't worry, I won't call you a geek, guru or technician. You'll be the "computer jerk."

Council member Miller's letter stated that, "We LOCKED INTO THE PRICE set forth with SWL water." That sure sounds like the contract was signed and I pointed out a month later that it hadn't been signed. Why didn't you tell readers what happened in that month and why it wasn't signed. But then you don't live here and Kirkersville is just a paycheck to you.

Your accusations that I misbehave in public meetings is defamatory and even I thought you were smarter than that. My information comes from public records or my personal knowledge. When I attend meetings, I TAPE THEM. So be very careful of what you accuse me of doing or saying in public meetings.

By the way, I have a website that I built and maintain myself. Maybe you've heard of it - kirkersvillewatchdog.com.

Bonny MansfieldKirkersville

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