2007-03-10 / Editorials & Letters

Watchdog' says water agreement hasn't been signed


Contrary to Kirkersville Council member Miller's letter in the February 17th Beacon, David Goll, a Southwest Licking Sewer and Water District board member, announced at the Etna Township Trustees meeting held March 7, 2007, that Kirkersville has NOT signed an agreement with them regarding water. Ms. Miller's letter stated that a unanimous decision was made in the February 7th council meeting to sign the contract in order to "lock in the price set forth with SWL water."

Ms. Miller also stated that they decided not to raise the sewer rates at this time. That's wonderful but that means they are still going to be raised at some time! And remember, two of the three members of the Board of Public Affairs (which governs the sewer system), are NOT paying a sewer bill. This sewer rate increase should be removed from any further action!

An invoice from a local tire shop shows that bills (for police cruisers) are being sent to "Ben Evans" at a P.O. box that was used in the past solely for the police department. This was a HUGE problem in the past. The bills were not being given to the village clerk to present to council in a timely manner for payment and often council had no idea that purchases had been made until 'well after the fact.' Maybe by next week, my public records request will be filled by the Kirkersville Police Department or we will have to bring up the word "mandamus action" once again.

It's a shame that Kirkersville is still paying Bill Harper $30 per hour as computer geek and yet there is no website; no online documents; no nothing! It sounds to me like Bill Harper is being paid to help with someone else's job. If the Kirkersville officials started doing their own work and got rid of some of the paid assistants, they could probably save enough money to not have to raise your sewer rates! And I bet they would even have enough to pay back the gentleman who was illegally ticketed (which one, you probably ask)! Chuck Starr said it very well, "Quit playing politics and admit those wrongs. Right those wrongs, then learn the rules!"

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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