2007-03-10 / Editorials & Letters

Park National collecting supplies for overseas troops


Park National Bank is heading a program to mail needed items to our overseas troops. They have drop off boxes in their lobbies to collect all donations. The list consists of:

Disinfectant wipes, gum, toothpaste, hygiene items, Mac 3 razors, Aussie Shampoo, movies DVDs, coffee, hard candy, Oreos cookies, white T-shirts & socks, batteries, sun block, Q-Tips, Zip Lock bags, microwave popcorn, protein & granola bars, breakfast bars, beef jerky, powdered Gatorade, tuna packs, crackers, books, playing cards, lip balm, hand cream, shaving gel, canned cheese, magazines, Easy Mac, foot powder and note pads.

I know I have become complacent in the support of our service men and women and assume others have also. It's time we got back in line to show how much we appreciate what they are doing for us.

A special thanks to Park National Bank for calling our attention to this very important issue.

Cindy Smith Hebron

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