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School lunches

School lunch menus for the week of March 5th.

Liberty Union


Monday: Hot dog or PB&J sandwich, oven fries, rice krispy bar, and fruit.

Tuesday: Fish shapes, macaroni & cheese, veggie boat/dip, and peaches.

Wednesday: Cheese pizza or PB&J sandwich, corn & peas, and fruit cup.

Thursday: Hamburger or PB&J sandwich, baked beans, and pears.

Friday: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes/gravy, and applesauce.

Liberty Union High/

Middle School

Monday: Hamburger or ham sandwich, cheese slice, potato tots, and pears.

Tuesday: Salisbury steak or steak nuggets, mashed potatoes/gravy, rolls, and fruit cocktail.

Wednesday: Soft taco/roll or burrito, lettuce/cheese/salsa, and refried beans.

Thursday: Chili soup/ crackers, toasted cheese or hot dog sandwich, rice krispy bar, and fruit.

Friday: Turkey or ham wrap, lettuce cheese, tomatoes, Baked Cheetos, and applesauce.


Monday: Chicken nuggets, bread, mashed potatoes/gravy, and choice of fruit.

Tuesday: Rotini/meat sauce, bread stick, tossed salad, and choice of fruit.

Wednesday: Mini corn dog, mac & cheese, carrots & celery, and choice of fruit.

Thursday: Taco delight, bread, corn, lettuce/cheese, and choice of fruit.

Friday: Pizza, green beans, and choice of fruit.

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