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Another Letter: Mooney responds to village council letter


The anonymous author of a Feb. 10 Beacon letter chose to hide behind the entire six member Baltimore Village Council. I have a right to know the identity of the coward who authored these outright lies. The remarks made in my letter are truthful and the salary figures stated were directly quoted from the Village fiscal officer,Flo Welker, by virtue of the Sunshine Laws. The letter says the figures are incorrect. If they are incorrect, blame the fiscal officerwho is being paid $30,758 to keep the records straight.

In that letter, every member of the Baltimore Council has made the brazen guts decision to call me a liar. By so doing, they have opened themselves up to every legitimate criticism available to me. Even though the author of this piece of self-serving garbage doesn't have the human decency to give their name, it doesn't matter. I am more than willing to match wits with any two-bit politician who dirties the seat of a chair in the town hall basement.

The letter brags about Village Administrator Marsha Hall cutting the salaries of three dedicated local employees, but then proceeds to destroy any possible savings by employing an individual of debatable competence making $54,600. This all makes sense to the hare-brained council that conjured up the "outerbelt" fiasco.

On 12/11/06, Hall engaged in an unethical e-mail dialogue with a Beacon reporter regarding proposed extension of East Elmwood. The reporter asked Hall to "speculate" on the prospects of a certain "proposal" ever reaching reality. Hall then proceeded to speak falsely on subjects she knew nothing about. Based on what she told the reporter, he made the decision not to pursue the item for publication saying, "I think we'll stick this one on the back burner for a while (i. e. indefinitely)." And now Hall claims she did nothing to kill the Beacon story intended to announce the Elmwood extension proposal.

In her 12/11/07 email, Hall states, "Mr. Mooney is trying to divide his property into several lots, then sell it. Per our codified ordinances, to divide it he would have to build the road at his cost. He does not want to pay for it." The truth of the matter is simple; I have owned my property for more than half a century. At no time or place, have I ever made the slightest effort to break my property into lots as Hall claims. It follows, then, that since I am not a developer, I don't have the remotest obligation to build any sort of street.

The writer further maintains that Hall labors dually as both Village Administrator and Zoning Administrator. I don't care if she also serves triple duty as Village Dogcatcher, the point remains that she make $63,700 yearly and if this is not true, call the Fiscal Officera liar and not me.

The anonymous writer makes great effort to distance Hall and Service Superintendent Dennis Rose from the crazy scheme concocted by village council to establish an "outerbelt" designed to eventually encircle the entire Village of Baltimore which has a current population of some 2,900 residents.

Even though, Hall and Rose weren't around when council conjured up the "outerbelt" scheme, Hall fully supports this proposal stating, "However, we have already established that connector road will run from SR 158 to Holder just south of the elementary school." The bulk of the Feb. 10 letter then details how no grant funds exist for the short .4 mile Elmwood Drive proposal. How, then, does Hall and council explain just where the money and right-of-way would come from for the "outerbelt" proposal that would cost millions of dollars?

The council seeks to show that such a roadway would benefit the nearby school. However, a personal phone conversation with a highly respected LU-T board member advises that the school has little or no interest in such a project but would prefer any funds be spent on expanding present school facilities. Meanwhile, the "outerbelt" scheme has languished for more than four years without any activity on the part of Hall or council and has no realistic change of further pursuit or grant money.

The real reason for the so-called Southeast Corridor "outerbelt" scheme was due to real estate developers exerting influence on Village representatives to provide free roadway so that they might develop a 1,000 acre tract for housing. One respected and former town officialremarked, "Marsha Hall will bankrupt the village and then move on to another location."

There is not enough space in the Beacon to respond to all the rumpcovering remarks made in the Feb. 10 letter and I will not waste time trying to respond to every tortured and disgruntled council member who has access to a computer.

The only hope for the future of the Village will come when the residents can vote this whole miserable administration out of officeand move the carpetbaggers, Hall and Rose, back to wherever they came from.

Dave Mooney Baltimore

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