2007-02-24 / Editorials & Letters

'Watchdog' may expand her territory


A couple of weeks ago, Etna Township Trustee Paul George called me and asked if he could have a citizen call me to talk about Etna Township merging with Kirkersville and also asked if I knew of some other people who might be interested in talking about this. I told Mr. George that I was against this merger when it was mentioned several years ago and did not know of anyone who was for it. There was no benefit to Kirkersville then but I was willing to listen to the pros and cons. A couple of nights ago, David Goll called me and said that Paul George gave him my number. Mr. Goll said that he had spoken to Mr. George and another Etna Township Trustee, Dick Knapp about this. I was under the impression that this talk of a merger is being instigated by Mr. George. I questioned Mr. Goll about Mr. George calling me and he stated that Mr. George "handed it over to him."

Very recently, I have heard that Mr. George was questioned by a news reporter and he denied that he had called me. I attended the Etna Township Trustee meeting and asked Mr. George in the meeting about his call to me. While he did admit to having called me, he claimed he called me for an Etna Twp. resident. But I have found that this resident is actually an appointed Etna Township officialas well as an officialwith the Water and Sewer District (who were involved in negotiations with Kirkersville). I made the statement that I would not support a merger between Kirkersville and Etna as I think the Good Ole' Boys system is going strong in Etna and we certainly have enough of them in Kirkersville!

Incidentally, according to Council member Miller's letter, Kirkersville has signed an agreement with the Water and Sewer District even though the citizens were against this! I'm sure there will be more agreements, developments or expansions that the people don't want. Maybe I will expand...how about "Etna Township Watchdog" or why not "Licking County Watchdog!"

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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