2007-02-17 / Editorials & Letters

Donors for 'Hold'em for Hawkins' thanked


This is directed to the Baltimore Community and Friends of Justin. On behalf of Hold'em For Hawkins, I want to personally thank you for your generous contribution to our event. Hold'em For Hawkins grew out of the care, love and friendship for a young man in a small town.

Justin Hawkins, a 1998 graduate of Liberty Union was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma in December. Burkitt lymphoma is a high-grade lymphoma. This means that it is faster-growing and usually needs prompt treatment with chemotherapy. Justin is currently having IN hospital chemotherapy at Grant hospital for one week every month for six months.

The lessons learned from holding this simple Texas Hold'em fundraiser to support Justin and his family were simple but powerful. As a community, we raised over $13,000. Every person that attended or contributed in ANY way made a HUGE difference in both Justin and his family's lives. Words cannot even begin to describe the feeling felt by all the evening of the event. I want to personally thank each and every business and individual that took part. The list is WAY TOO LONG to begin to mention everyone. A special thank you to the Baltimore VFW and all of their staff! We could not have done it without their wonderful hospitality. Thank you for your support of our local endeavor to raise much needed funding for him and his family.

Further donations are still being accepted and can be mailed to Just for Justin, c/o Wendy Poston, 815 Leonard Road, Baltimore, Ohio.

Wendy Poston Baltimore

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