2007-02-10 / Editorials & Letters

Increase fails 'acid test'


More than 400 people attended the public meeting January 31st at Lakewood High School to hear the Licking County Commissioners and Mr. Kenneth E. Salsberry, Jr. cover details in the letter you received mid January. An aggressive series of testimonials were provided by 40 some residents from a wide array of demographics expressing their feeling about inflatedinformation portrayed in the spread sheet attached to the letter. Brilliant statements were made by speakers with facts and details poking numerous holes in the spread sheet attached to the letter.

Unfortunately, the speakers only represent less than ONE PERCENT of the homes/businesses receiving service from the Buckeye Lake Sewer District run by Licking County. Many of you signed a petition (1,100) to be exact . . . more needs to be said and completed.

The editorial in the BEACON last week is an example of outstanding investigative reporting! A flyer was given to attendees prior to the meeting by Ms. Peggy Wells and others; I read it in a superficialfashion and asked Peggy" Did you prepare this?" "No" was the answer "Charlie Prince did and it is the editorial in this week's BEACON".

I read the editorial in detail again over the weekend and must say it is a classic. Thank you Charlie for a job well done; it is the best I have read in your newspaper since you started publishing the BEACON about 12 years ago.

NOW, the residents who can not go to meetings need to have their voices heard by writing to the County Commissioners with a copy being sent to the BEACON. A committee is working on proposals to have the monthly charge reduced. What has been proposed will not take place! The outrageous rate increase does not meet the acid test of reason, good business practices and accountability. It's reasonable to say the signatories of the letter you received have not represented the voters and their actions border on malfeasance and misfeasance.

George O'Donnel Buckeye Lake

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