2007-01-27 / Editorials & Letters

More comments on the sewer hike


I recently received my notification of the large increase in the sewer rates. I was shocked to findout one; how quickly this was to take effect and two; the amount of increase.

I have owned a home in Buckeye Lake since 1998 as my "vacation getaway" and enjoy the area and people very much. I have completely renovated within the past two years helping to improve both the asthetics and the values within the area. However, one of the reasons I continue to reside in the Buckeye Lake area is due to affordability of the area. These drastic changes are going to have a direct effect on real estate values and the number of people willing to stay and willing to continue to purchase in the vicinity. The trickle down effect will be noticed in many ways.

Additionally, my primary residence is in Hilliard; a growing community known for great schools with excellent value in real estate. I currently pay a QUARTERLY bill of approximately $60-70 that covers both WATER AND SEWER.

I findthis increase outrageous and certainly NOT in the interest of the residents or the future of the small communities.

I hope they are willing to rethink and re-engineer their thinking and management.

J. MacNamee Buckeye Lake

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