2007-01-27 / Editorials & Letters

More Letters: Rate hike stinks


As a resident of Buckeye Lake, I am very concerned regarding the proposed rate increase for sewer services. I am even more amazed that this issue was not brought to the "people" by the commissioners AND at the rate of the increase itself. I have always been a believer that if it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it probably is a skunk. This increase looks and smells BAD!

Was the budget for the last few years so poorly planned that we are now confronted with this increase? It appears this is this a case of FISCAL MISMANAGEMENT. The Commissioners are responsible for the budget and it appears that it has not been managed well.

WHO IS HIDING WHAT? It appears that the lack of communication (also managed by the Commisioners) was poor at best. My experience tells me that somebody is hiding something. Do the Commissioners believe they don't report to the People? Do the Commissioners stand to gain financially in this deal? Or, were they simply trying to "sneak one by" the People, whom they represent? Regardless - another case of mismanagement.

We wonder why politicians have such a negative reputation.... just simply look at this situation and ask yourself if you can trust the Commissioners. Honesty, integrity.... somethings missing and it smells like a skunk!

Brian Greene Buckeye Lake

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