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'Watchdog' plays 'Guess the Village'


What is an ill-gotten (illegal) statement? Steve Martin (neighbor kid to the Kirkersville mayor) reminds me of the former Kirkersville police officerwho didn't like that I put FACTS in my letters in the Beacon. He thought I should stick to my OPINION. Understandably so, since the FACTS make the Kirkersville officials look bad. No one has to make this stuff up. Kirkersville officials make themselves look like New Rome.

Can you tell where the following citations were issued - Kirkersville or New Rome?

A) A man was stopped and the police officerthreatened to give him a ticket for fictitious tags. The man explained that he had just bought the truck and it was legal to use the plates from his previous truck on the new one providing they were current, he had proof of the date of purchase and it was within 30 days. The officertold him he didn't know what he was talking about and said he should take him in. The man then informed the officerthat he is the Deputy Registrar in a city in Ohio and he DID know what he was talking about. The officerlet him go.

B) A vehicle carrying two people was pulled over and the driver was accused of running a stop sign. The driver was found guilty in the Mayor's Kangaroo Court. An appeal was heard in the county court and the case was dismissed by a real judge. The solicitor was given a lecture from the judge on "the law."

C) A vehicle was pulled over for not having a front license plate. The person responded that Florida doesn't require a front license plate. It took a call to the Florida BMV to prove this cop wrong.

D) A police officerran a red light to follow a vehicle for the next mile. The vehicle was pulled over for allegedly having no tag light. The driver informed the officer that a safety inspection was done on this vehicle prior to coming into town and that the tag light was operable. The driver also informed the officerthat he could have endangered lives by running a red light for such a foolish reason and that he should be reported. The driver was allowed to proceed.

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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