2007-01-27 / Editorials & Letters

Writer has questions on huge sewer rate increase


Licking County Board of Commissioners have stepped beyond their positions as representing the sanitary customers (AKA the electorate) in the Buckeye Lake Region by proposing the unreasonable rates noted in their letter dated January 12, 2007. The electorate placed them in officeand they need to be held accountable for responsible management and vision for the sanitary service.

People need to attend the meeting at 7 p.m. at Lakewood High School, Wednesday January 31st to display their outrage. The Commissioners need to tell the electorate why they have had modest 1.7% to 5.5% increases in "Salaries/Benefits/Travel" in the last fiveyears and why they forecast in the next five years an annual NINE PERCENT INCREASE. That comes from the spreadsheet that came with the letter.

Other aspects of the "Actual Revenue" and "Projected Revenue" are equally questionable! Do you wonder why the Commissioners did not propose the increases in September or October 2006? They enjoy their job and are not managing the system for the benefit of the electorate.

George O'Donnel Buckeye Lake

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