2007-01-27 / Editorials & Letters

Sewer rate hike will hurt renters too


I am strongly opposed to the drastic increase in sewer bills for February l, 2007! I have several rental properties around the lake and my tenants pay their own sewer bill. They barely can afford the rent and utilities as it is now. They will have a difficulttime paying $20.00 more a month. I will also have difficultyre-renting properties when they are vacant.

What about the people that are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to feed and clothe their children, and the elderly barely getting by with nothing left after buying food and medicine?

Doesn't anyone care about these residents? It just doesn't pay to live around the lake any more, it is too expensive! We are already paying an assessment on our taxes for "no water". What's next?

I encourage everyone to attend the meeting at 7 p.m. at Lakewood High School on January 3lst.

Darlene Murphy Harbor Hills

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