2007-01-20 / Editorials & Letters

Writer wants an optimist


The residents of Baltimore should be made aware that our Village Administrator Marsha Hall is nothing more than a political opportunist who drifted in from the Canal Winchester area. She seems unwilling to even make an effort to get free grant money on behalf of the village. Hall seems to spend the bulk of her time making excuses as to why things of value can't be done for the town. What the village needs is an optimist rather than a pessimist making excuses. It is difficultto determine just what Hall's agenda really is other than protecting her $63,700 yearly salary.

Strong language? No, when I sought to have the news about the East Elmwood Drive proposal placed in the Beacon, Hall purposely tried to block the entry by making malicious statements to a Beacon reporter. If you have doubts, read the email message that she engaged in. It is a matter of public record in town hall and is dated Dec. 11, 2006. Hall simply didn't want people informed of a perfectly proper proposal and sought to kill it before it ever saw daylight seemingly because it conflictedwith one of her own schemes.

Instead, Hall appears to support a near-insane plan to run a four lane "outerbelt" highway south of the elementary school and extending from Ohio 158 to Ohio 256 - the entire southeast quadrant of the village. Again, if you doubt this, read the same 12/11/06 e-mail message. Just how does Hall propose getting the money and right-of-way for this multimillion dollar harebrained scheme?

In her comments in the January 6 Beacon story, Hall shows she is willing to distort the truth to suit her own purposes. The proposal clearly states that the proposed roadway is meant for the benefit of the entire village. Yet Hall insists on distorting the language so as to falsely portray the intent as that of only a few opportunistic property owners. The Elmwood Drive extension proposal to Holder is the shortest and cheapest possible route. All other possibilities represent miles of roadway and multimillion dollar expense. The village needs someone with their feet on the ground who can see in the right direction.

Since the purpose is to provide potential emergency access to Holder and to otherwise better connect Holder to the rest of the village, why should the residents along East Elmwood Drive be expected to bear any and all possible costs as Hall suggests? By a series of distortions, Hall is literally trying to scare the residents into dropping a fair consideration of the proposed


project. One of her objections is that it would disturb the operation of a small girls softball diamond that is only used 1.5 months out of the year.

When are residents going to realize that one of the prime reasons that the village is short of funds is that we are paying Hall $63,700 and Service Superintendent Dennis Rose $54,600, a total of $118,300 per year. Add to this the yearly cost of a so-called engineering "consulting" fee. Is there any wonder then, that Hall worries about where the money will come from for the costs of an emergency roadway that will be here as long as there is a village called Baltimore? Remember, when Hall and Rose leave town, they will be taking the village's money with them with nothing to show for our expenditure. It's not too early to starting thinking about how to get this deadwood back to where it came from or at least out of town.

Dave Mooney Baltimore

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