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More Letters: More public notice needed for big projects


The Landings at Maple Bay is the first phase of the proposed development on the Bounds farm. The plan is to build 176 Nantucket style condos around a canal cut back into the 53 acre site. Planning Commission member George O'Donnell shared the plans with me about a month ago. The developer has implemented suggestions that came from Cranberry & Maple Bay residents at earlier meetings. Many of us still have concerns about wetland preservation and areas that may have historical significance.The wetlands along Hunts Landing Road are incorporated as a feature of the main entrance into the development. This is a significantgesture by the developer that we should all appreciate. Overall, I think it's going to be a great addition to our village. I like the canal feature, if they can work out the challenges with the bridge.

I'm not so impressed with our village government; they continue to do a poor job of communication. Many residents didn't know about the January 9 meeting where the developers unveiled their latest plans. The village ran a small ad in the January 6 Beacon, but the location was changed. After hearing this change, I checked the bulletin boards at the post office and village hall to confirmthe time and location. As of 5:00 p.m. on January 9, no public notice postings were made- none at all. I called George O'Donnell and he personally posted a sign at the village hall to direct residents to the new location.

This was a VERY important meeting, especially for adjacent property owners. Only a handful of Cranberry Bay residents were present, a few more Maple Bay residents and some Mallory Square and Cranberry Pointe residents.

The village recently mailed out a survey asking residents, among other things, how they could communicate better - do we want a newsletter? A newsletter costs money, just ask Union Township how much they spend on their newsletter. I suggest we use what we already have. We all go to the post officenearly every day. Promote the bulletin boards at the post officeand on the front of the village hall building. The village spent money developing a web site, yet they don't utilize it to post special meeting notices or minutes of council or commissions. Use the Beacon- it does get read! The Village of Hebron often repeats their ads for two weeks. If we miss it one week, we'll see it the next. If the meeting location is changed after placing an ad, make a sign, post a notice……. something!

The January 14 issue of the Advocate credited the mayor as saying that "about 3,000 homes and condominiums are being constructed or are planned in Buckeye Lake" and that "he expects between 2,000 and 3,000 more homes and condominiums to be built in the next several years." My first reaction was," What?" Then a neighbor suggested that it probably means the homes planned for AROUND the lake, not IN the Village of Buckeye Lake. Okay, that makes sense, but there's quite a difference.

Unfortunately, the new Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association leadership also failed. The sale and development of the Bounds farm has been at the forefront of our agenda for quite some time. Association m e m b e r s h a v e b e e n t o l d repeatedly that we would be well informed of any meetings about this development. Former association president Karen Crookston campaigned to be our liaison. She wanted to represent our association and promised (at meeting after meeting) to keep us well informed. Ironically, she also serves as chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission which hosted the meeting with the developer on January 9. What happened there?

A simple poster at the entrance to Cranberry Bay and Maple Bay would have sufficed.Some of our association board members did not know about the meeting.

This is the first significant development in the village. Hopefully, there will be more improvements to come and maybe one day, a public water system. If our officials cannot even communicate accurate and timely information regarding a simple public meeting, how can we trust them to install a water system?

Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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