2016-02-13 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

.• Jan. 24: A Highland Avenue woman said someone drove a car into her fence overnight and fled the scene. She took a photo of a license plate that fell from the car following impact. The driver retrieved the plate, but the officer could still track down the driver from the photo. The driver said she slid on snow and ice, causing her to run into the fence. She agreed to pay for damages.

• Jan. 24: Police assisted Licking County Sheriff’s Office with controlling a fight in Harbor View.

• Jan. 24: Police were called to a W. 2nd Street residence on a complaint that someone stole several items valued at roughly $2,800. There is a suspect and the case remains under investigation.

• Jan. 25: Police served court summonses to several Buckeye Lake residents.

• Jan. 25: A Walnut Road woman reported a dog running at large.

• Jan. 25: A W. 1st Street woman said someone was sending her harassing texts and phone calls. The person sending the calls and texts was contacted. She agreed to stop doing so immediately and erased the victim’s contact information from her phone.

• Jan. 25: The Erie County Sheriff’s Office asked police to check for a person with an arrest warrant who may still live at a Renner Street address. The person no longer lived there.

• Jan. 26: A Walnut Road woman said her ex-husband moved to a new residence without informing the courts. She said he is required to report the move because it affects their daughter.

• Jan. 26: A Newark man asked police to check on his grandchildren who live in Buckeye Lake. He was worried they were being neglected. Neither the officer nor a children’s services representative believed there was any neglect.

• Jan. 26: A Walnut Road man said someone threatened him with a stick.

• Jan. 27: An East Street woman said she and her boyfriend had a verbal dispute. Both parties were separated.

• Jan. 28: Police assisted Licking County Sheriff’s Office with an unruly person at the Red Roof Inn on Lancaster Road.

• Jan. 29: Police assisted Hebron Police with a domestic dispute.

• Jan. 30: Officer observed damage to a building to which a semi truck delivered supplies earlier that day.

• Jan. 30: Police responded to a report of a vehicle being stolen or vandalized. The owner had locked the keys inside and was trying to gain entry. The keys were retrieved.

• Jan. 30: A Walnut Road woman said she smelled marijuana coming from her neighbor’s apartment. The neighbor admitted to the officer he was smoking marijuana and possessed a glass bong. The man was charged with possession of an illegal substance and paraphernalia.

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